Ashley Gaffney | Art Director

Howdy + hello! My name is Ashley and I am a Denver native recently relocated back to the 303. I am an agile thinker, snappy dresser, and maker of sultry foods; a simple girl who doesn’t need much to be happy… just a delicious meal tasteful music and work that is creatively fulfilling. On top of design I enjoy traveling across nations, working with beautiful photography and thinking alongside big-picture people.

Upon graduating from university, I interned and worked 2 years in the corporate world before starting my own business as a designer and consultant. My design works focuses on the travel, arts, fashion, luxury and branding worlds. I have a strong love for color, culture, patterns, and enjoy discovering creative talent to collaborate with. If you’re interested in seeing my work, feel free to visit my website or check out my Instagram for some delicious food photos. Pleasure to make an introduction!