trust him

Take Your Confidence Back

Image Credit by Alexander Solodukhin from Unsplashed

There are quite a few times that I know God is standing here beside me. As I talk to him about my life and my fears, I find peace. One day I remember being overwhelmed and nervous. There was a back and forth battle between what I was thinking and what God was trying to convey to me. This uncertainty and hesitance can be dangerous.

I had an upcoming interview. There had been many interviews in the past couple of weeks as I had just been laid off from my job of almost three years. I did all that I could on my end to be ready. I prepped as I had done time and time before. I remember walking up to the front door of the building where my interview was being held. I cringed at the thought of failing. As I touched the handle of the door, I heard God speak to me, "Lift your head up." I immediately did so and straightened my shoulders and walked tall into the building with confidence. I greeted the receptionist and continued to keep my calm and confident stance as I was asked to have a seat. Minutes passed, and I watched and studied current employees walk around me and do business. Negative thoughts started to creep up again. I began to second guess my ability to do the job let alone get through the interview in one piece. Doubtfully I whispered, "God what am I doing here?" I had no self-assurance left in me. "Help me," I said. A woman comes out of an office and walks over to greet me. I stand, and a wave of reassurance covers me. I hear God say, "Stand in your confidence. Don't let anything or anyone intimidate you. I walk with you. I am with you, remembering?

I smiled back at the woman, shook her hand, and followed her through a door and down a hallway. "I've got this," I said to myself. I've prayed for this, I’ve asked for guidance from Him, I've prepped and made myself professionally presentable, and I know this company. Check, check, and check! My confidence and self-esteem was mine for the taking. So I decided to jerk it back.

I entered that room and presented in my opinion my best interview to date. Did I get the job? Unfortunately, no I didn’t. I did find something that had suited me better weeks later and in that rejection I had decided to focus on the positive lesson that I acquired from it. Not only would I not let anything discourage me but I will not be afraid of failure. 

 I am always thankful for the courage, strength, and level head I acquire from God. At times, those qualities may stray, but I must always remember that I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me. I will not let doubts keep me from reaching my full potential and neither should you.