Your Path

Zechariah 4:10 reads, For who despises the day of small things


It can be hard to continue moving forward when forward seems as though it’s the same position as yesterday. God's strength is made perfect in our weakness. You may have a humbling beginning, but your progress is in the works. A month ago I found myself speaking with my friend who just turned 30 years old. She felt like she didn’t accomplish all that she set out to by her thirty birthday and because of this, she was disappointed in herself. I listened while she compared herself to others and their success. What seemed to surprise me is who she was comparing herself to. It wasn’t her neighbor or even a fellow coworker. These people she felt inadequate in comparison to where famous people; People who were glorified by the media and their success was measured by their popularity. These people's success was dependent on their followers and friends on social media and their financial status.

I explained to her that it wasn’t particle to compare herself to these people. First, we have no clue what they’ve been through or did to get where they are today. Secondly, their measure of success didn’t have to match her measure of success. Thirdly, we have no idea what type of opportunities will open up in the next couple weeks, months, or year for her. I explained to her that her blessings are in the works. It can be hard to stay positive especially when you can’t see into the future or know what God is cooking up for you but at that point in your life, you have to strengthen your faith. You have to not give up and continue to push on despite your shortcomings.

The one thing I like to reflect on that I’ve heard from many a preacher is this; you may not be where you want to be, but you aren’t where you use to be. If we could all take a second and reflect on all of the hardships we’ve been through in the past we will start to realize quickly that we made it through even when we were doubtful we wouldn’t. I hope that in reading these articles you are able to pull strength, encouragement, and an increase in your faith. For these are necessary for continuing to move forward with a positive viewpoint in your life. Remember, God can work in you when you lessen yourself. He can make the small things in your life increase and cause an overflow of unimaginable greatness. You just have to trust Him and be willing to allow Him to do so.