Fix What You Hate

I once woke up to a sermon on tv and heard one line that I will never forget about finding your calling.

 1.       Find out what it is that you dislike in the world or that bothers you

 2.       Fix it, and that’s your calling.

 Of course, for this to actually work, you have to combine the second part of this idea with your passionate. That’s it. It’s that simple. My husband does this with his films. He loves to watch, talk, write, and film movies. In his passion and love for movies, he has an intense dislike for particular film genres, bad acting, and poor quality especially if the film is was supposed to meet certain expectations. When this happens, I become the woman who is sitting next to the man who is yelling at the film screen about how awful the acting is. “OH, COME ON, JUST DIE ALREADY!” So what do I tell my loving but frustrated husband? I tell him to fix it. I ask him, what would you do differently? He’ll have a quick fix that’ll end in him saying, “It would be SO much better.” Then he’ll implement it in his next project.

 Finding what you should do and feel content in it can be easy. You should combine your passion and talents to help make a difference. Whatever you do make sure to stay focused on that goal. Stay on the right track and don’t let anything distract or discourage you. It’s easier to pick yourself up again than to quit entirely and find yourself lost.