Spending Time With God

I enjoy walking. Other than it being an easy workout I am able to have time to myself to think and listen to music and be in peace. I also have my best ideas when walking by myself. God will tell me things and connect with me in more ways when I am at peace and walking. Here are a couple tips and ideas of ways to get closer to God.

1. Studying the Bible:

Don’t just read but meditate. Reflect on His word and apply it to your life. If you are a new Christian, my recommendation is to start in the New Testament with John then work your way to Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Another suggestion is to read both the New International (NIV) and King James Version (KJV). I was raised and taught with the KJV and highly recommend it but for new readers you read the NIV or The Message Bible alongside for an easier read.

2. Have a Conversation and Pray:

Speak to God about your day as you would a friend. You can pray before you eat, sleep, and thank God for waking you up but talking to Him and having a conversation can be a different experience. Reflect on your day or how you feel. It’s just you and Him, informal and uncensored.

3. Worship Him in Praise: 

Sing! Feel your spirit leap within you. You can sing at the top of my lungs at church but also sing at home. Play some music while you clean or do choirs. Feel God’s presence with you. Pour your heart and soul out to him in song. 

4.  Quoting Scripture:

Pick a passage for the week. Continue to repeat this throughout your day. You’ll be surprised how quickly you find yourself refocusing and getting your mind off your worries. A favorite one of mine is Mark 6:25-34 Don’t Worry. This scripture can help build faith and trust in God. 

5. Find a Friend:

Matthew 18:19 With two or more people get together on anything at all and pray about it God goes into action, and when two or three people get together because of God he will be present. One of my favorite past times is getting together with one of my best friends and talking about God. Chat about how He has worked in your lives, how grateful you are. Learn and feed off of your friend and let him or her pour more life and God’s word into you. Do the same for others.