The What If Game

Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. 

I remember the 2011 movie Butter. Rob Corddry plays a foster father who is caring for a young girl, Yara Shahidi with a unique but funny talent. He drives her to sign up to be in a competition and she gets so nervous she starts to doubt her abilities and whether she even wants to sign up anymore. Rob’s character asks her, what is the worse thing that can happen? They proceed to think up the most ridiculous things that could happen if she entered the. One being, “what if this place is full of good-looking British vampires or a racist ninja. The idea is very far fetched but for a second it allows you to feel like all your worries and anxieties is small in comparison to what could be.

Sometimes I play this “What If” game with my husband. Very similar to Rob and young Yara’s conversation I try to imagine how much worse the situation could be and sometimes find myself laughing at the end of it. It makes light of a situation very a second and makes me reflect on my ability to make it through other situations if they were to arise. Now, I do leave in reality. My issues will still be present but a little faith has to come in play. If I can pair my faith and remove my worry and lack of control I can get through another day. I think the hardest thing for some people is not allowing God to work through and in their lives. People don’t allow Him to take the wheel. I believe that we can make it harder for ourselves by our complaints, worry, and resistance. Life could be so much easier if we just let go.  

One early morning I heard God say. Be still (See Palms 46:10). Back then I thought it sure is interesting how I remember certain scriptures in times that I really need them. Now I know God is speaking to me. I’ve realized how important it is to study His word, to listen for His answers, and to walk in faith knowing His promises are going to come to fruition. When I look back at every time I've started to doubt, sure enough, I made it through. Why is it then, when I see another roadblock ahead do I freak out the way most of us do? It’s because I am human. It’s because I’m afraid and I’m unsure of myself. So each time that happens I try to cast my fears aside and do only what I can do here in the physical and know that God, who is on my side is working even harder on my behalf too.

Don’t allow your fears to overtake you to the point you don’t even try. Then you lose regardless. You’ll never know what was destined for you because you were too much in your own head. You decided that the option of putting in an effort to win wasn’t it worth it if it meant you might fail. Trust in God’s promises when you can’t trust in yourself. The What If game is just a way of looking at all of lives negative outcomes and realizing that the one more possible result is actually something that you’d be able to walk away and potentially grow stronger from. The most important thing to practice is strengthening your faith and relationship with God. Know that God’s grace is sufficient through life’s struggles and roadblocks.