Team Work

There are times that I’m not a great team player. One reason is because I find it tough to work in an unorganized environment. You never know who will be on your team and you are left juggling different personalities, agendas, and possible a slacker. I also believe my struggle with working in teams is that I have a lack of control over everything. Yes, you guessed it correctly, I am, Miss Type A, slightly OCD, must have it right girl. A lot of times I see myself picking up the mantle and doing it myself if it doesn’t get done the right way the first time. Then, I got married. I realized the real commitment and ownership of not only household chores, but decisions in life had to be equally split between both my husband and I. I have now found myself on a permanent team and I’ve learned a couple things in my first year of marriage.

My husband and I are two different people. I acknowledge that and know very well that we have different opinions and outlooks on things. At times, it can be challenging to work together because I may have one way of doing things and he has another way of achieving the same goal. This happens not only on work related projects but also in our personal life and chores. I like to wash dishes while I am cooking and before we even sit down to eat. I like the idea of relaxing after dinner and not worrying about cleaning. My husband has the same idea about relaxing after dinner but would rather have the dishes done in the morning. At the end of the day or morning, we obtain the same result. We’ve had to find middle grounds with each other to learn to negotiate so we are both happy. I still clean as I cook but wash our plates in the morning. We alternate this and it’s agreed that I may have to remind him every now in then. That expectation is set. I try not to get upset when things are not done right away or my way. I appreciate that it’s done and that I didn’t have to do it alone.

I think that’s the basis of a strong team and marriage. Knowing that you are not working alone makes the differences and challenges all worthwhile. You end up learning and opening yourself up to a new point of view. You learn how to relax and let go of some responsibilities. You learn how to trust and balance your life and your workload. Build a unified team, learn to comprise, and learn to trust.