Jesus, Take The Wheel

I've found myself uneasy as a passenger, especially when I am in the car with my husband. I feel out of my comfort zone; this I credited to my lack of control of the situation. So what do I do? What any person who starts to freak out would do. I start tensing up, flaring my arms around, and yelling about speed limits and blind spots. I become a mad man (or woman). Anyone looking at the situation from the outside would say I am doing more harm than good and they would be right. These actions will result in my husband taking his focus off driving and on me going crazy. His mood will shift because he now doesn't feel comfortable, and he also will feel that I don’t trust him. Things will now begin to snowball into other larger issues.

What is the lesson here? Learn how to be a passenger.

First, be self-aware. You know yourself better than anyone else. Before you opening your mouth or even before getting into the car be aware that you may tense up. Acknowledge what your action or reactions may be.

Second and most importantly, you should pray before entering the situation. I try my best to do this with my husband before we leave the house in the morning. You have to pray for protection and whatever area you may lack in. If you don’t know what area that may be just pray for self-awareness and for help for Him to work in that area in your life. It can be as simple as saying, God, please grant me patience today if I enter into any situation that may push me to my limit. Allow me to hold my tongue and feel comfortable. Please take the wheel of the car and keep my husband and I safe as well as any other people who are on the road today.

The third and last thing to do is believe. Believe that everything will be okay and then let go of it. Believe that God will and is working in that situation and you don’t have to overcompensate and point out a stop sign is ahead.

Be self-aware, pray, then believe and let go.

I hope this helps with whatever situations you may face today.