I Bet You Wish You Could Know The Future

This may be one of my favorite quotes. Maybe it's God's references to him caring for the birds or maybe it's because it makes me stop and realize how small all my past worries seem now that I stand in front of them still breathing. I am full and satisfied, I have my family and friends who are in good health and surrounded with an abundance of love. We must focus on what we have and what's going right in our lives. 

I remember times when I dreaded facing a problem. I will play the worse cause scenarios in my head. I'd let them consume me and in turn my day would become worse. 

I realize now that none of the worry is worth the stress and it is written, Matthew 6:27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

The obvious answer, of course, you don't.

If only we could see in the future and realize that everything eventually turns out okay, after all. The storms may be large and destructive, but it'll settle. Things will pass. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, The hard times are small compared to the good times coming ahead. There are things in the future that we can't see yet, but the things that are here today, will be gone tomorrow. 

We have to have faith that everything will be okay, and we'll get through it all. Try trusting in God in the situation you have now or the next time you face a challenge. Pray on it, act positively and thoughtfully on it, and then let it go. Give it to God. Trust him, believe Him, and watch.